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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Here's another model I'm working on for my Forge Pappies. The Hailstorm Gun is a pretty nifty little model but I can never seem to leave well enough alone. I added ammo drums for the bottom two guns and converted the barrels so two of the guns were in recoiled positions. I also added a little hydraulic recoil mechanism to each cannon. I also chopped the seat off the back and added a Basilisk-style crew platform. I'm going to use this thing as a Thunderfire Cannon and the platform will allow me to put my "Techmarine" on the gun carriage and then pop him off if it is destroyed. It still needs a few rivets and a little finishing work but it's pretty close to done. Here is the unaltered model for comparison.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This week I've been getting started on the Forge Father army I plan to take to Adepticon next spring. I will be using it in a one of the tournaments for a certain game that takes place sometime between the thirty-nine and forty-first thousandth millennium.  I've worked out my army list and I will be using these little guys as proxy for the ubiquitous floating leathernecks. Here are the Sergeants for my first two squads. More putty buddies to come soon!

Monday, June 25, 2012


I'm currently in the middle of assembling a big file of metal figures so nothing cool to show today. To tide you over, here are some banditos from Wargames Foundry that I painted a few years back. There was big talk of a Legends of the Old West Campaign back when I worked at GW, but the organizer flaked out, as was par for the course. Hopefully I'll get to use these guys someday in some tabletop spaghetti tex-mex fun-times!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

AB 20mm Americans

My friend Ty dragged me into 20mm WWII a few years ago. I was initially not interested in small scale figures, but when he showed me these AB guys it changed my tune. They are quite small -- they are based on pennies, to give you a scale reference. They have an astonishing amount of detail for their size and their weapons, equipment and uniforms are extremely accurate. Rivet counters will love these dudes. The best part about them though is their excellent anatomy and natural looking poses. They look the way guys standing around with rifles really look. I can't say enough nice things about them. Go buy some now, if you know what is good for you. You pretty much have to send smoke signals to order from AB, but it is worth it.

These popped up on my radar again because I was digging through my miniatures the other day and I came across the three vehicles below. They were, of course 90% finished -- story of my life. After a little drybrushing and and basing and they are good enough. When I have some more time I wouldn't mind smoothing out the drybushing with some thinned down base coat. The vehicles are from Cromwell Models, by the way. Very nice resin kits, but I don't think they are in business anymore.
Command Squad
First Squad
Second Squad
Third Squad
.30 Caliber and Bazooka Teams
M8 Greyhound

M4A1 Sherman

M10 TD

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Painted Kommandos

I finally got the first half of my Kommandos painted. I was a big fan of the metal Kommandos right from the get go and I enjoyed converting some plastic guys to match. The guy with my rokkit pistol is my favorite but I like the guy holding the pistol with both hands and the S.A.W. big shoota too! Five more to go including a Nob...

Converted Ork Kommandos

Converted Ork Kommando

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eldar Smeldar

I'm still working on my Kommandos, so here are some older models tide over Mr. Blog. I painted up this Iyanden-ish Eldar Army for the Adepticon Team Tournament a couple of years ago. My teammates and I were of course, summarily stomped by various flavors of Space Marines all day. Fortunately we brought beer. I would like to add another 1000 points or so to these guys at some point, maybe when the next book comes out. There is a box of Dark Reapers calling to me from the basement.


Thursday, June 7, 2012


I just finished these guysup for Joe at Mantic Games. He'll be using them along with the Corporation Marines to Demo Warpath at various stores and conventions. He'll be doing demo games at the Grand Opening of Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie, MD on June 23. Tom Gruhala, the former Manager of the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker, is opening Dropzone in the same space the bunker was in before it closed. "I'll show 'em, I'll re-open it my damn self!" He didn't actually say that, as far as I know, but I like to imagine he did.

Goin' Kommando

I put together a bunch of Ork Kommandos a while back and I think it is time to paint them... as soon as I finish these pesky space rats.

Converted Ork Kommandos

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antarctica

My buddy Jake and I started messing around with Dystopian Wars this spring. The rules have left us scratching our head a little bit, hopefully we can find some patient soul to explain the game to us. Painting the li'l boats has be good fun though. Here is my Antarctic fleet thus far:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bottom Gun

This little Grot Fighta-Bomma is the other entry I brought to the Crystal Brush Competition. It had been sitting around half finished for a year and a half, it was nice to finally finish it. It was completely scratch build from assorted GW bits and styrene and painted in the same scheme as the killa kan I did for the Golden Demons a couple of years back. This guy didn't place in the Sci-Fi category, I brought a knife to an A-bomb fight. I actually built another one of these in sort of a MiG-21 style, some day I will paint it!

Converted Grot Plane Fighta-Bomma
Converted Grot Plane Fighta-Bomma
Converted Grot Plane Fighta-Bomma

Friday, June 1, 2012

Greens and Grays

This is a bit out of order, but here are a couple photos of the first Shart I built. I also included a crappy iphone photo of the unpainted mangler squig.

Converted Mangler Squig

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