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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K.) Specter

 Have some nice photos of some newer models. Posting them here because why not?  First up is a resin garage kit from the Maschinen Krieger Universe.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Buy a shirt so I can paint terrain for you!

Paint Nerd T-Shirt

I'm doing a little T-Shirt fundraiser for help offset some terrain and related costs for the Nova Open Heresy Events, as well as Adepticon, MD 30K and anything else I get mixed up in. They are only for sale for three weeks so don't wait!


Saturday, April 28, 2018

Thunderhawk - Soon to be a Heresy Blood Angels Thunderhawk...

So this happened today. Got a good deal on it from a friend and it's assembled. Will eventually be a ride for my Blood Angels. Heck, most of them can fit in it. Thought. Whoever assembled it did an ok job, but it still needs plenty of love. The Space Penis Cannon fell off on the ride home, and now I know whether he pinned anything or not. On the bright side that gave me the idea to replace the Space Penis with a Turbolaser. Also, the nose heavy bolters are derpy as all getout. I'm thinking I'll replace them with mk II landraider sponsons so it looks more like the new Thunderhawk master. Mk. III crew, obviously. Assorted Aquillas gotta go. Taking off refueling probe because it's just going to break off anyway. Also does anyone know what the deal with the angled fins above the main wings is? They don't make a whole lot of sense. Are they an artifact of the insane old metal version where they perhaps served as structural supports? They look like they are intented to move. I guess I can deal with them. I think I would like to at least change the orientation of the Las Cannons. Landing gear are down. Should I leave them as is or put them up and mount it on a big weighted flying base?

It will definitely be a few months before I event start this! 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Hey look at me, I took some mediocre photos and put them on the interwebs! 1500 points of Heresy Blood Angels 5th company. Land Raiders and stuff to come.

Forgeworld Mk. IV Dreadnought - Horus Heresy (30K) Blood Angels

Thursday, July 6, 2017

NOVA Open Charity Auction - Mechanicum Vultarax Stratos

Time for another Nova Charity Raffle! I teamed up with Dave Taylor to create two Horus Heresy armies for this year's raffles. Dave headed up a team painting this beautiful Sons of Horus army and he wrangled me into overseeing the team that painted this Mechanicum Army. I agreed under the condition that I could paint a Vultarax Stratos, because it is such a cool model. Big thanks to Dave, all the painters and the Nova Charity Foundation crew. Looking forward to breaking our record and raising lots of bucks. There are lots of other things in this year's raffles too, so check them out! Looking forward to seeing everyone at NoVa for beer, dice and Heresy!
Mechanicum Vultarax Stratus-Automata - Forge World

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NoVa Open Charity Auction: Ork Fighta

Hey Blog, long time no see. Time for another NoVa Charity Auction. Here is an Ork Fighta-Bommer/Dakka Smakker/Uruk-hai Space Nazi Blastamathing. It's yellow! It's part of an army being raffled off to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Buy some tickets here. Or just live your life as a thoughtful, empathetic human being and treat others with kindness, that works for me too!