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Monday, April 14, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Report

I had a fantastic time at Adepticon and played lots of games with my Alpha Legion against many great opponents. After ten tournament games I'm feeling a lot more confident about my 40K/30K skills ... just in time for the rumored rules update, doh!

This is what an awesome army looks like.

First up was the Horus Heresy Massacre tournament on Thursday. The tournament turned out to be a (suprise!) team tournament so I teamed up with Robin (aka Ripper) who also had his Alpha Legion with him. Overall, there were lots of great looking armies and friendly players, I will be back next year for sure! The hilarious twist of the tournament was that everyone betrayed their partner in the last game and switched teams. My crew had a very good showing in the end. My friend John tied best over all with his World Eaters, Ty got a much deserved Best Painted Award with his Mixed Isstvaan III Loyalists and I snagged the Player's Choice Award. See below for army photos, sorry if I missed anyone's!