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Thursday, October 30, 2014

15,000 Point (Per Side) Epic Scale Horus Heresy Blowout

I went up to Rhode Island recently for the yearly get-together with my nerd crew and a humongous Epic was the main event. I brought along the Legio Gryphonicus Titans I had been working on but my forces were dwarfed by the massive efforts of my friends Ty and Jake. Ty has been painting scores and scores of models for The Sons of Horus, Death Guard and Emperor's Children. He also has a whole World Eaters army in the works. Not to be outdone, our friend Jake showed up with 10,000 points worth of beautifully painted Imperial Fists.

The game itself was a massive affair and we enlisted the help of or friends John, Matt and Robin to help roll buckets of dice. After many hours, two turns, and hundreds of models moved to the sideboard; the Traitors were victorious, gaining just enough victory points to end the game. I can't say it wasn't a relief! Looking forward to more (and perhaps slightly less ambitious) games in the future. Extra special super bro shout-out to Ty who wrote a whole new Epic 30K ruleset, created a massive set of counters, built the scenery and hosted the whole affair!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Epic Scale Legio Gryphonicus Titans

And now for something completely different...

Epic Scale Legio Gryphonicus Warlord Titans

Epic Scale Legio Gryphonicus Warlord Titans Back
Epic Scale Legio Gryphonicus Reaver Titan
Epic Scale Legio Gryphonicus Warhound Titans

My hobby pals sucked me into Epic, of all things. Here is my big little Legion Gryphanicus Army. I never liked the turbo lasers sticking out of the Warlords shoulders so I gave them turrets instead. These guys also gave me a chance to work on my color modulation and my airbrushing skills in general. They took part in a truly Epic Horus Heresy battle last weekend. Photos coming soon!