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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sharts! (Squats!)

These guys were my big project for the Crystal Brush Awards at Adepticon this year. All of the back pain paid off and I managed to score a silver in Sci-Fi Squad category. Squats (yes, space dwarves) were the first army I painted up for Warhammer 40k back when I was a wee lad and these guys are an homage to the Squats in goofy potato-shaped Exo Armor. They are scratch build from assorted Games Workshop bits, sheet styrene and some drywall anchors. Unfortunately, their display base is currently at a friends house because I couldn't fit it into my carry-on for the return trip. You can see photos of it on the Crystal Brush site.

Converted Squats in Exo Armor

Squats in Exo Armor (Back)

Big Bosses and Bigger Bosses

While I'm at it, here are some more models from my gobbo army. Some are old, some are new. Little bastards photographed pretty well.

Mangler Sqig

I added a bunch of units to my Night Goblin army this spring for a campaign I played with my gaming group and the Adepticon Team Tournament. Most notable among the new additions is probably this Mangler Squig. Everything but the fanatic holding the shackle was sculpted by moi with greenstuff.

Mantic Corporation Rangers

I painted these guys for Joe at Mantic Games to use in demo games at stores and trade shows. To speed things up I started out by airbrushing them with a dark brown color and then hitting them again with successively lighter colors with the airbrush held a high angle. This created a nice zenith light source effect and lessened the amount of blending I would have to do with a brush. To finish the armor, I highlighted the top/left edges with a lighter brown to emphasize the light source. Skin, fabric and webbing were all added in next with a brush.

Next up: ten Veer-myn for these guys to duke it out with.

PS. I'm still getting the hang of the settings on my camera, so bear with me!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Veer-myn Night Spawn

Veer-Myn Night Spawn

This rat bastard was given to be by the guys at Mantic Games.  He's a pretty nifty little fella, definitely the nicest rat in terminator armor I've ever painted. In a departure from my usual style, I went with metallic metal. I mostly used Games Workshop Boltgon Metal with a few highlights of Chainmail. I need to track down some Mithril Silver, as I don't think their is an equivalent in the new GW paint line.  The armor is based with the Privateer troll flesh color and everything was given a healthy rub down with violet powdered pigment from Secret Weapon. I'm a big fan of these Secret Weapon pigments and oddly enough, violet is my favorite.