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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Old Line Massacre

Sorry I've been so long without a post! I took a bit of a hobby break after Adepticon, but wound up working furiously towards the end of May to get my Alpha Legion ready for a 30K Weekend Event put together by my friends and I. The Old Line Massacre was a two-day even at Dropzone Games in Maryland. Champion hobby hero Ty Finocchiaro put together a great little 1850-point tournament on Saturday and the illustrious Nate Taylor ran an amazing Apocalypse game on Sunday. Hobby superstars Dave Taylor and John Steining were both present with beautiful armies and the level of painting modeling was spectacular all around. Also a huge shout out to my pals Nate Taylor and Robin Everett-McGuirl who have churned out amazing 30K armies this year and made huge strides with their hobby skills.

The gaming was highly theme-driven and all egos and competitiveness were checked at the door. We had a great bunch of players and there was a steady stream of cackling all weekend. One of the highlights for me was designing the trophies and making up crazy rules to go along with them. All of the trophies from the Saturday tournament could be used for one re-roll in the Sunday Apocalypse game. Each player on the overall winning side on Saturday (dirty loyalists) also got a flamer template with a sealed set of rules. The template weapons were given to a character in the each winning army but the rules couldn't be opened until they fired it. I believe the weapons that made it onto the battlefield included the Volkite Chimichanga, Flulgrim's Fleshlight, The Ba-room Cannon and The Shart of Mortarian. The Best General on the loyalist side (Robin McGuirl) got a Hellstorm Template called The Burninator that turned out to be S:D6+2 AP:D6.

Thanks to all participants for making it a great weekend! Here are a few photos from the Sunday Apocalypse battle:

For more info and a ton of photos, check out Dave Taylor's three posts here, here and here!

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  1. Super write-up superstar. Glad it gave ya the push to churn out a pair of sweet cinnamon covered models.