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Monday, June 9, 2014

Alpha Legion Falchion!

This big mama was the keystone of my 3000-point army at the Old Line Massacre. I ordered it at Adepticon but it took its time getting here (and I took my sweet time getting around to building it) so I was in hobby overdrive mode the week before the event. And yes, in case you were wondering, Dave Taylor did blow it up with his damn Reaver Titan.

Alpha Legion Falchion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer

This past weekend Dropzone Games had their second anniversary weekend event and
had their third annual Jump Masters Painting Contest. I noticed that they had a category for "Really Big" models this year so I decided to bring this big fatty along. Not only did I win first in the Big model category, I also ended up getting the best in show award. I came home with some awesome trophies, two gigantic swag bags and free round trip airfare to Adepticon. Whoa. I am still wrapping my head around all of this. Huge thanks to Rob Chandler to putting together this great painting competition at Dropzone, he really went all out. The trophies are great and the volume of prizes is frankly mindblowing. Also thanks to Brien Dulaney for sending me copies of the photos above. There were tons of great models in the competition and I continue to be impressed by the level of painting I've seen at smaller, regional show the last couple of years.

Finally here is a shot of the model I would have picked for the big winner:

This crazy amphibian dude was painted by the super talented Mike Shaefer. (His Squig Hoppers were also brilliant.) Mike runs the Capital Palette painting competition at the Nova Open and is a super-nice guy. I hope to make it down there again this year and buy him a beer. I actually have the same model, maybe I'll paint it up for the Capital Palette!


  1. That is absolutely friggin' GORGEOUS, man! Excellent work!