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Monday, October 19, 2015

Tomica Daihatsu Midget for Car Wars

This summer, my friend Thomas Wynn put together a Car Wars campaign for our gaming group. Everyone added guns,armor and assorted other door-dad onto Matchbox-sized die-cast cars and we pushed them around and made laser noises. I made a few cars but this little Daihatsu Midget tuk-tuk thing was my favorite. The missile launcher is scratch built. I liked the original color and didn't want to cover up the kanji on the side (It's a brand of tea, so a friend tells me) so I airbrushed transparent Badger Ghost Tints onto the various panels to shade and tone them. This allowed the original paint to show through nicely. After that it was just pin washes and streaks with tube oils. The chips, by the way, were already in the enamel base coat. The are nice and three dimensional and took the washes nicely! I'll put up some photos of my other cars when I get a chance.