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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Here's another model I'm working on for my Forge Pappies. The Hailstorm Gun is a pretty nifty little model but I can never seem to leave well enough alone. I added ammo drums for the bottom two guns and converted the barrels so two of the guns were in recoiled positions. I also added a little hydraulic recoil mechanism to each cannon. I also chopped the seat off the back and added a Basilisk-style crew platform. I'm going to use this thing as a Thunderfire Cannon and the platform will allow me to put my "Techmarine" on the gun carriage and then pop him off if it is destroyed. It still needs a few rivets and a little finishing work but it's pretty close to done. Here is the unaltered model for comparison.

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  1. The recoiled gun touch is a solid idea. Keep on keepin' on Mr Raley.