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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This week I've been getting started on the Forge Father army I plan to take to Adepticon next spring. I will be using it in a one of the tournaments for a certain game that takes place sometime between the thirty-nine and forty-first thousandth millennium.  I've worked out my army list and I will be using these little guys as proxy for the ubiquitous floating leathernecks. Here are the Sergeants for my first two squads. More putty buddies to come soon!


  1. Oh this project excites me very much. If it were any other game not set in the millennium stated, I'd totally team up with ya.

    Keep in mind the inevitable new codexes and junk when making that list...

  2. All of the ubergamers are whining that the new edition of 40K has been Warhammerified and isn't as competitive any more. It might just be to your liking!

  3. Wow, impressive sculpting on the face there, well done!