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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eldar Smeldar

I'm still working on my Kommandos, so here are some older models tide over Mr. Blog. I painted up this Iyanden-ish Eldar Army for the Adepticon Team Tournament a couple of years ago. My teammates and I were of course, summarily stomped by various flavors of Space Marines all day. Fortunately we brought beer. I would like to add another 1000 points or so to these guys at some point, maybe when the next book comes out. There is a box of Dark Reapers calling to me from the basement.



  1. Wraithguard are super cool. Extra big Wraithguard are super cool too.

  2. Hey Mark, my buddy just linked me to your blog. I was excited to be able to say "Hey, my brother and I played those guys in the first round of the tournament that year!".

    Please do continue building that army. I was beautiful and you guys were a pleasure to sit down with for a game, even if it was way too early and we had slept very little.

    1. Hey, You were the Chaos Marine guys right? Thanks for the game and the compliments!

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  4. first things first. hello and blessed be.

    I got linked to this site doing a search for conversions using the new grot mek guns, and saw the big wraithlord in the above pics. i run a huge Eldar army and am always interested in new things like this. I can see from the pic that you used pieces of the new warwalker on the shoulders but i can't figure the rest of it out.

    did you use a neon genesis evangelion model or did you just stretch the limbs via plasticard and green stuff? also is there any chance you have WIP pics of the project at all?

    now that those questions are out of the way, i'm off to look over your grot planes a bit more which is the original pic that brought me here. have a good day, and i have no doubt i'll be back in the near future.