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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Previews of the Third Horus Heresy Book

Forgeworld has unleased some previews of Horus Heresy III: Extermination and what do you know?


  1. Nice! Are yours decals or freehand?

    And i have a question about the pigment, you use on your minis. Do you just brush it on and push it in the recesses with your brush and then just varnish over it all? Or do you make a "wash" and apply the pigments this way?
    Or is it all demostrated in the upcoming tutorial? ;)

  2. Felix,
    The big "a" symbols on the vehicles are sprayed through stencils I cut out of masking tape. For the small ones on the shoulder pads I print them out on my laser printer, hold the paper up to a window and trace the back with pencil, cut them out, place them on the model pencil-side down and rub the top with my pencil to transfer the image onto the model. Next I just go back and paint over the graphite image with light gray paint and then erase the pencil marks with a kneaded eraser. I bit convoluted but it's much neater than I could do freehand.

    The Pigments go on dry and then I remove the excess with a moist cotton swab. Actually, it takes lots of cotton swabs!

  3. Thanks! Just placed an order for the Terracotta Pigment, it just looks so great on your minis :)

  4. That is a very involved process to add the legion symbol, but the results are perfect. I bet you are going to get an incredible transfer sheet full hydra decals to add.

  5. Hi, i just saw: Congrats for making it into the latest FW Bulletin with your AL at Adepticon.