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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pre Heresy Alpha Legion Spartan

The Hateful Space Brick is finished. An absolutely miserable kit to build but it was fun to paint!

Coming down the home stretch for my 1850 for Adepticon.


  1. How come a miserable kit to build? Warping?

  2. There was the usual warping but the big problem was the treads. They come in strips and they don't match up right. On this particular tank there is no place to end them and hid the slack or leftover track so there is a lot of trimming/cussing/fist shaking involved to get them to fit. I hear the Storm Eagle is the worst though.

  3. Awesome work! Keep up!

    Soon I will begin to paint my AL, first I was thinking to go with studio scheme, but after seeing yours, well, I like it much better! Would you mind sharing which blue and white is it that you used?


  4. Thanks Igor, I airbrushed a base of Temple Guard blue followed by a shadow of a 3:1 mix of Sotek Blue and Incubi Darkness. Highlights were Temple Guard Blue plus some white. I then did oil washes of a couple browns followed by powdered pigments. The rusty color comes mostly from the Secret Weapon Terracotta powdered pigment.