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Friday, February 28, 2014

More Alpha Legion Tactical Marines

Wayvey, Pointy, Tossy and Clyde... and six other guys.

Pre Heresy Alpha Legion Tactical Marines
I can see the finish line!


  1. What do you use for your rust effect. Really nice balanced color palette on these good. Really making me want to take the plunge on 30k.

  2. Never mind. Just read the secret weapon terra cotta on the last post. Looking good.

  3. Loving 'em man - Keep up the fantastic work!

    Shouldn't that be "Alpharius, Alpharius, Alpharius, Alpharius... and six other guys"? Hah!

  4. Mordian, Ha, my bad! Dleter, I'll put up a more complete recipe on my next post.

  5. I don't ever post or follow blogs but your work on these Alpha Legion guys has inspired me to do not only that, but also start a HH army (I ordered my first tac-squad last night). Unfortunately, I lack all creativity and will likely be attempting to recreate what you've done. But as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. On that note, one question I have is: How are you doing the shoulder decals? Looks like paint as opposed to actual decals. Are you using a cut out? Thanks in advance!

  6. +1 for the complete recipe on your AL :)
    I really love your Alphas, they are really awesome. Are you excited for the third HH Book to come out, with Alpha Legion in it?
    What is still left to finish your army for Adepticon?

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Thanks guys. Complete recipe coming soon! Brian, have fun with your army. The Forge World Models are fantastic! Felix, I am indeed excited for the third HH book! Just need to finish a few characters and a couple of special weapons guys so I can also play them as Vanilla Space Marines in the 40K friendly.