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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Very Hungry Raterpillar

Ladies and gents: The Rattanooga Choo-Choo. Thank you, I'll be here all week.

Skaven Doomwheel Conversion

Skaven Doomwheel Conversion

I figured just about every other technology had found its way into the Warhammer world in the last few years, so I might as well throw in tank treads. Thus, the Nicodemus the Tank Engine was born. The design is inspired by assorted crazy 19th century steam tractors and whatever sprues were within reach. While poking around Google for photos I learned that building giant, fully functional steam tractor models is a hobby in and of itself:

Holy crap, I bow before your superior nerd prowess, crazy English man.

I'm still working on a driver/engineer and it still needs a bit of filling and sanding but its pretty close to being done. Look out, Island of Sodor. I'm going to use it as a Doom Wheel at Adepticon, but I think it would work well as a Hell Pit Abomination too. It is closer to the size of one of those.

Soon I shall paint things.


  1. This looks amazing. It's giving me the inspiration to build a similar thing - I have been wondering how to incorporate a Skaven-inspired train to my army - the back story is that they have taken over an old mine, and use a train to bring up the warpstone.

    What are the main components may I ask?

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Oh boy, its been a while and my memory is hazy. The treads were cut up pieces of Doom wheel. A lot of parts came from the Screaming Bell and Doom wheel kits, actually. The tanks behind the gunner are from the big land raider flamer. The top of the smokestack is from the cities of death set. I think the barrel bits that form the boiler are from the hellhound? Some of the gears and the drivechain are Lego, haha! Best of luck on your own ratty constructs!

  3. Hi Marc
    Your Skaven stuff it`s my inspiration ! The best conversion and ideas I`ve ever seen ! I will proudly say - will try use your ideas in my Skaven army . Doomwheel is the best ! A lot better the GW one ( even original one is pretty good ) . I know U have said , Doom was a while one - but I have few question about parts - if I may
    The main part - core ( cylinder ) what was it ? from which box ? And the "face" of cylinder ( the one with Skaven icon) as well ?? And last one - how big ( long ) is this cylinder ( in cm , about ) .Cheers . Mega model ! Thank You for help ! Big fun ! Waiting for answers :)

  4. Hi Ula, thanks for the kind words. I believe the boiler was made out the tanks from the Imperial Hellhoung tank. I think I glued the two tanks together and the boiler was about 5 inches long.