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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Couple More Ratfellows - Warlock Engineer and Tractor Driver

Smokey Joe - note Warp Lighting Green Lantern ring.

Skaven Warlock Engineer with Warp Condenser Conversion
Sorry about the jenky primer - filthy ebay parts.

Skaven Warlock Engineer with Warp Condenser Conversion

Casey Jones:

Skaven Doomwheel Engineer Conversion


  1. Excellent work. I really love your Skaven conversions.

  2. Could you talk more about the parts used in your engineer conversion? It's awesome!

  3. Hmm, lets see.

    Body - Ikit Claw
    Head - Island o' Blood Engineer
    Halberd Arm - Games Day Skaven Warlord guy
    Pointy Arm - Stormvermin Sprue
    Main part of backpack - Ork Stormboy jetpack bit
    Lower Smokestack - IOB Warpfire Thrower
    Upper smokestack - clipped from something on the Hellpit I think
    Smoke - IOB Warpfire Thrower

  4. Oh, and I think the warpstone crystals are from the Doomwheel.