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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Golden Gruhalas

Dropzone Games her in MD had their Grand Opening bonanza this weekend and had a nice litle painting contest to go along with it. Originally I was only going to enter a single model, but once I saw just how good the competition was, I covered my bases and entered all three categories. I think they ended up getting around sixty entries and some of them were really dang nice. The Cadians that won best squad were fan-freakin'-tastic. I got a spiffy plaque for this old thing, happy dance.

Keep up the good work, Tom. If GW could make stores like Dropzone, their retail operations might actually turn a profit. Har har.

Update: Here are all of the contestants and the winners.


  1. Congratulations Marc! Who took the best single?

  2. I'm afraid I can't remember the painter's name, but the model was one of those War Gods Crocogator dudes.

  3. Toss it in the ol' awards pile superstar!