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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lucky Duck

This is my Forgeworld Thunderbolt. I'm not posting it for any particular reason, but as Steven Colbert once said about Anduril, Flame of the West, "I just want to remind everyone that I have this.

I painted this a bunch of years back for use in a 40k-scale game of Aeronautica Imperialis that we put on at all the U.S. Games Days. Forgeworld even cast us up a bunch of giant Auronautica bases for the event. Unfortunately, after surviving four Games Days and shipment in between each,  most of the other planes that were painted for this event were destroyed by the useless, toothless hucklebucks at the Games Workshop warehouse in Memphis. I guess mine was packed right in the center of the crate because somehow it survived. I salute to the fallen heroes that didn't make it back!


  1. Actually, I gave all the figs back to the painters as their reward for painting them. Out of all of them, I think one of my Marauders took the worst beating, with a wing that broke a little bit at the wing root.

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  3. (I used the Fiend's name by accident...)


  4. AAA-


    P.S. Please insulate you attic, it is drafty up here.

  5. Whoa, it's Stuart. Stuart, Doubtless you made things right for all the plane building peoples of the earth. Nonetheless, I stand by my assertion of Memphis-hucklebuckdom.