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Friday, December 20, 2013

Space Dicks!

Here are 10 more Alpha Legion goons to fill out my first Tactical blob.
Pre Heresy Alpha Legion Tactical Marines in Mk. IV, V & VI Armor
The drum clips and scopes are from Anvil Industries. They have a lot of neat bits and magically flawless resin castings!

Hoping to try these mofos out with these new Killzone rules soon!


  1. We should certainly get a game in! I keep thinking the Invulnerable save "tax" of seven points is too much, but I am assured otherwise by those with actual experience of the game. I'd like to test the theory for myself.

  2. A wonderful project, both in color and in details. A greeting and congratulation.

  3. Thanks all. Dave, 7 points seems like a bargain for a bonus 4-up for Cataphracis, but pretty darn steep for a 6-up.