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Sunday, March 3, 2013


One ratloaf, ready for the deli slicer.

The powdered pigments got a little bit away from me on these guys but I think they are fine for freakin' slaves. Ugh, I need to work on some characters or something now.


  1. Very nice for slaves.
    How do you use those pigments? Do you need to stick them on with something?

  2. I brush on the pigments with a dry brush and then usually rub off the raised areas a little bit with a finger or a rubber color shaper (also great for sculpting, they are like tiny little fingers - available at Dick Blick)

    I have heard that some people will dissolve them in alcohol and brush them on but I just make a mess when I try that. Brushed on dry, they are very subtle and if you are lucky, will magically blend all of you layers of paint together. Also great for metallics. I use the ones from Secret Weapon, they are great!

    1. Cheers! I am investing in some as we speak :P

  3. Done's done and I dig this block o rat. Dirty, dingy, dusty. Everything can't be crystal demon painty gold. You'll go mad otherwise.

  4. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks Chief.