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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clanrats & Weapon Teams

Here is my bunker unit of clanrats to hide my warlord and battle standard bearer in. It was nice to be able to just build a bunch of clanrats without scraping off all of their armor! Not much in the way of conversions, just a few assorted torches.

Skave Clanrats

...and here are a couple of weapon teams. In game terms poison wind mortars seem to be the best by far, but the warpfire thrower is also nifty looking so I'm sticking it in too.

Skaven Poison Wind Mortar and Warpfire Thrower


  1. You know, I really love a lot of the new(er) Skaven models. The clanrats especially look waaaay better than the old hairy body builder models. Looking forward to seeing some of these painted up!

  2. Agreed, the old clanrats were pretty horrendous!

  3. Every now and again it's nice to just assemble the dang things the way they're supposed to be. The few bits you've added should be enough to set them apart and Rale-ify the rat bastards.