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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Skaven Gutter Runners

Time for a new army! Here are the first of the Skaven I've started putting together for the Adepticon Team Tournament, a little unit of Gutter Runners. They are just about ready for primer.

Converted Skaven Gutter Runners


  1. Excellent Marc! They look very cool.


  2. Nicely maintained blog. i guess you are inspired a lot from Army that's why you have made such kind of paintings. Desert Safari Dubai

  3. Great work with all the skaven so far man, looking like the entire armies going to have a wicked character to it! Looking forward to seeing the painted results!

  4. Damn dude, I have been looking through all your Skaven and they all look really great. Normally I'm not easily impressed with conversions but you really take home the cake.

    I'm not joking that I would pay for these things if I could commission you :-)

  5. I really want to see these painted. You should send 'em in to GW and hopefully they will replace their crappy sculpts with these.