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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Eldarses

Here are some Rangers/Pathfinders. These are really goddamn nice models. I'm assuming Jes sculpted them? I always enjoy painting drapery and while simple, these are some of the nicest robes I've ever painted.  I just did these guys to army standard but I really wanted to take them farther. Whoops, fogot to dullcoat them, shiney heads!

Yet another rumor about the next Eldar release surfaced on the interwebs today. Someday...


  1. Sweet robes. I love me some robes, especially german uniformy green ones. They are indeed nice models. Though all the fiddly bits on them would make me nuts. I know that they'll look great when finished, but my brain fights it.

  2. Shush, you are master of fiddly bitz and you know it.