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Monday, July 30, 2012


So I'm trying to convince my little gaming group to do a 40K Killzone campaign this fall. I like skirmish games because a) they are mucho fun and b) painting 20 dudes is a lot easier than painting 100 dudes. Small armies also allow you to put a lot more personality into each model. Here are some Orks I cobbled together this week. Nifty resin bits are from Kromlech and Forgeworld.

I'll mail you a free Choco Taco if you can guess what the Engineer Mek is holding in his left hand.


  1. Correct Sir. Ty will be pissed that you beat him to it! I reserve the right to mail the Choco Taco even though we live in the same town.

  2. I checked my reader a day too late. Curses to the DT! As an alternate, could it be a gigantic back massager thingy?

    Stuff's out of hand as usual...